Hard Boiled Drops

Drops are the traditional cough drops which are ideal for mouth and throat. We have two standard shapes namely an oval and a triangular shape. Our standard size is 2.5 gram. The drops are sugar free mainly based on isomalt and secondly xylitol. We work with natural fruit juices, natural colours and herbs in our formulations. The flavours available at this moment are: Menthol, Liquorice, Honey/Lemon, Black Currant, Cranberry, Lemon, Orange and Water Melon.

Pack Types: Bag, Blister, Box, Flow 

Soft Pastilles

For a clear throat, fresh breath or simply as a small personal treat, enjoy our sugar free soft pastilles. Harder than fruit jelly - softer than a compressed mint - always an ideal carrier of your favorite taste.

The concept is associated with liquorice but we also produce traditional fruit flavours. Current standard assortment include Seasalt, Cactus, Liquorice/raspberry and violet. All are sugar free. 
Pack Types: Box