Compressed Mints

The market for compressed mints or breath fresheners is significant and especially the small power mints have experienced big growth. The mint assortment consists of different types, sizes and shapes of mints. The most popular mints are our round 0.5g, our oval 0.65g and our round 0.8g. In addition to the regular white mints we can also offer two-coloured mints. The mints have a fresh breath effect, and are sugar free. Our current range of available flavours is huge (e.g. peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, sweet mint, strong mint and sour fruits) and of course we are always open to new developments.

Pack Types: Bottle, Box, Puck, Tin


Dextrose is the name of a "simple" sugar made from corn or wheat which is chemically identical to glucose or blood sugar. Because dextrose is a “simple” sugar, the body can quickly use it for energy. This makes it ideal as an energy boost. With the growing sports/active trend this concept has been revitalized. Our standard shape is a 2.7g round mint. Our standard formulation is a lemon with vitamin C - but other flavours are available. 

Pack Types: Bag, Flow, Foil

Panned Mints

Panned mints are the well known oval shaped refreshing mints with a crunchy coating. But in our range we also have other shapes. The center is coated with a thick, crunchy and shiny dragée. Our standard size is 0.5 gram. The panned mints are available in various flavours with matching colours: Mints (white), Orange (orange), Lime (light green), Lemon (yellow), Wintergreen (dark green) and Spearmint (green). The product is only available as sugar sweetened.

Pack Types: Bottle

Chewy Candy

The market for chewy candy is well established in most markets. The center consists of a chewy mass and is coated with a crunchy dragée. Our standard size is 2.7 gram. The assortment consists of both a mint, a liquorice and fruit flavours (mix of orange, lemon and strawberry). The product is only available as sugar sweetened. With the growing trend towards breath fresheners, we have also developed a "mini" chewy candy which is only 1g. The concept and the assortment of flavours are the same. 

Pack Types: Bag, Bottle, Foil