Bottles (slim size)

One of the most popular pack types in recent years is the bottle. Especially for pellet - and filled gum this pack type has taken over from more traditional solutions. 
Our most exclusive solution is the slim bottle. Typically each bottle contains 28-30g (20 pcs pellet gum og 15 pcs round filled gum).

Different Bottle Solutions

Medium Bottle

Our medium sized bottle typically contains 50 pcs (70g). We can offer solid colours as well as transparent.  

Big Bottle

Our big bottle typically contains 90-100g and most often we use it for pellet gum or pillow shaped filled gum. 

Sliding Top Bottle

The shape is more distinct but more importantly the top is different. You simply slide the top and from a small hole, single serving is possible. 

Also Suitable for Other Products

The pack type is very flexible, and in principle suitable for most of our concepts. The picture shown here is our mini-chews (1g) with coffee taste.

Multipacks and Displays

For private label, the multipack supports the high consumer value concept. And needless to say, the displays are efficient during transportation and in-store. Here we show our Filled Gum 15 piece concept as 2pack (30g).