Flip Top Boxes

The box format is rather exclusive and the cardboard supports the environmental trend (with FSC approved quality). Consumer like this concept as it is hygienic and convenient. Furthermore it is rather flexible with respect to content and can be filled as requested. We have two standards, the small with approximately 20g and the bigger one which can be filled with 24-36g. We have two different solutions for the sealing. Either we use a "tear" opening to avoid plastic, or we can use the more traditional PP foil. 

Also Convenient for Mints and Drops

The flip top box is very flexible and can be used for different products types. Below we show how we use it for our organic mints and drops.

Multipacks and Displays

For private label, the multipack supports the high consumer value concept. And needless to say, the displays are efficient during transportation and in-store. Here we show our Drops (2x40g) concept as 2pack.