Blister Packs

The blister format is a very nice hygienic concept. The pellet gum is well protected against temperature, humidity and bacteria, and has a build-in single serving possibility. Good to share. Our standard is a 12 piece blister (17g) but other options are available. 

Different Blister Solutions

The Small 6 Piece

The small 6 piece (8g) solution is ideal for promotional activities. 

The Smart Multipack

This is a special 2x9 piece (25g) solution. 

The Exclusive

The cardboard can not only be designed but also cut as requested. This gives a really "close to the product" experience.

Also Suitable for Drops

Blisters are also possible for our drops concept. The pack type support the exclusive and hygienic aspects associated with these sugar free lozenges. Each blister card contains 12 pieces (28g) and we also have a multipack option with 3x12 pieces (83g). 

Multipacks and Displays

For private label, the multipack supports the high consumer value concept. And needless to say, the displays are efficient during transportation and in-store. Here we show our Pellet Gum 18 piece concept as 3pack (76g).