Standard Bags

The bag is a very economical and convenient pack type for many concepts. Here we show our sugar free drops. One reason for the popularity is the flexibility in terms of size and weight. Today we sell bags ranging from 15g to 500g. 

Different Bag Solutions

We have different solutions when the bag is preferred. One disadvantage of a standard bag is that once it is open, it is not very convenient. Therefore we can offer a zipper bag or even the doy bag (folded bottom for standing). The advantage is that you can reseal the product. Hereby the products will not fall out and they are protected against temperature and humidity.    

Multipacks and Displays

Flexibility in terms of size is one big advantage of the bag. Hence, the multipack concept can be used by offering the same concept in small bags and big bags - or as shown below in a small pack format (foil pack) and using the bag as the "multipack". Despite the possibility to hang (peg) the bags - it can also be presented in a nice manner standing.