Tin Boxes (XL tins)

Tin boxes give the product a very exclusive look - and the format is in particular suitable for our sugar free mints. The most popular format is our so-called XL tin which is big enough for 50-60 mints (25-30g) and small enough to fit into your pocket, purse, bag, etc. 
The convenient push top can easily be handled with one hand and products can be offered/shared in an elegant and hygienic manner. 

Other Tin Formats

XL Tin

Our most popular tin format - a combination of convenience and elegance. Normally we fill with 25-30g. 

XXL tin

The format is more or less the same as our XL - only taller. Normally we fill with 35g. 

Slim Tin

This is our slim version of the XL tin. It gives an even more elegant look to your product. Normallly we fill with 25g.

Flat Tin

This was our original flat tin box with plastic insert for single serving. Normally we fill with 14g.

Squared Tin

Quite similar to our more traditional flat tin - but bigger and squared. Also with plastic insert for single serving. Normally we fill with 20g. 

Sliding Top

Very exclusive solution with plastic insert for single serving - and a sliding top with "soft rubber" coating. We normally fill with 20g. 

Multipacks and Displays

For private label, the multipack supports the high consumer value concept. And needless to say, the displays are efficient during transportation and in-store. Here we show our Fruit Pastilles 2x20g squared tins.