Foil Pack for Gum

The foil pack is really the standard gum format for pellets and traditional sticks. Economical and convenient. Our standard pack for pellets contains 10 pieces (14g). But we also have a mini format with only 5 pieces (7g). Our standards for sticks are 5 and 7 pieces (14-20g). Foil packs are of course also available as multipacks.

Also Convenient for Mints, Dextrose and Chews

Compressed Mints

Our standard sizes are 25g and 33g.


Our standard size is 47g.


Our standard size is 14 pieces (38g) but we also have a mini pack with only 5 pieces (14g). 

Multipacks and Displays

For private label, the multipack supports the high consumer value concept. And needless to say, the displays are efficient during transportation and in-store. Here we show our Chews concept as 4pack.